Pennsylvania Residents: Support Severance Tax on Natural Gas Drilling to Fund Open Space

Contact your legislators to support dedicated funding to the Growing Greener program for open space protection in Pennsylvania!

With Governor Ed Rendell’s support, the State Legislature is expected to pass a severance tax on natural gas extraction on or around October 1, 2010.

AMC and many local and regional environmental organizations believe that a substantial portion of the revenues (25% or $100 million/year) should go to fund the State’s open space program, Growing Greener, which has been underfunded recently and is expected to be bankrupt shortly. It's only logical to apply funds from natural resource extraction to permanent natural resource protection.

Now is a critical time to provide consistent funding for the program. Speak up in favor of funding for open space. The Growing Greener program has worked to protect 33,700 acres of family farms, 42,300 acres of open space, restored 1,600 acres of abandoned mine lands, and enhanced 234 communities with parks projects and trails, but much more needs to be done.

Call or email your legislators! Your message should include all of the following bullet points and be as short as possible:
• Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program is nearly bankrupt.
• 25% or about $100 million per year of severance tax revenues should go to the Growing Greener program for open space, farmland and other conservation programs.
• Contact your state legislators to support the severance tax and dedicating a portion of the funds to the Growing Greener program.

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