Powerline Project Threatens the Delaware Water Gap and Appalachian Trail

A controversial power line project connecting Berwick, Pennsylvania and Roseland, New Jersey has been proposed through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and across the Appalachian Trail. Your comments are needed now to ensure that there are no impacts to the unique and irreplaceable resources of the Delaware Water Gap or the Appalachian Trail.

As part of the power line planning process, the National Park Service is conducting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that will guide the ultimate decision on whether or not the project can move forward as planned. The Susquehanna to Roseland power line will cross both the Appalachian Trail and the Delaware Water Gap with nearly 200-foot tall towers and will require extensive earth moving to create access roads and construction areas as well as re-routing the Appalachian Trail. The project will have significant impacts on recreational resources and values within and outside of the park, as well as ecological impacts caused by blasting, tree removal and access road creation.

The National Park Service, as part of the EIS process, has developed a variety of alternative routes and a “no build” alternative that provide different impacts on the Park’s resources. Please visit the Park Service’s website, review the newsletter that outlines the alternatives and submit your comments by September 14, 2010.

Submit your comments to the National Park Service at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/document.cfm?parkID=220&projectID=25147&documentID=35406

Comments can also be mailed to:
National Park Service
PO Box 25287
Denver, CO 80225-0287