Maine Residents: Vote Yes on 3 on November 2

Fund the Land for Maine's Future Program
One thing is clear here in Maine: Our land is crucial to the integrity of our natural heritage and the success of our economy. This November you have a chance to help conserve our natural resources by voting to fund the Land for Maine’s Future Program.

For more than two decades, the Land for Maine’s Future Program (LMF) has benefited the state’s long-term economic health by conserving such key assets as working farms, forests, and waterfronts as well as key tourism and recreation sites all across Maine. At the same time, it has preserved wildlife habitats, guaranteed access to lakes, rivers and the ocean, and provided places for Maine people to hike, hunt, fish, camp and paddle.

Since its inception, nearly 200 projects have been completed, ensuring public access to land and water across Maine, but this year we need to make a special effort to support LMF funding. Since the program's start in 1987, voters have consistently supported LMF bonds. But without similar success this year, the program will run out of funding completely. Let’s send a clear message at the ballot box on November 2 that Maine values its natural places for the integrity of our people, wildlife, and our economy!

LMF has an outstanding record:

For more information, check out the Land for Maine’s Future Coalition.

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