1 Day Left in AMC's Trail Sign Auction!

Time is running out!

This year's AMC Trail Sign Auction on eBay ends tomorrow, Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. Get your bids in!

Signs in this year's auction include:

Baldface Circle - From the summit of North Baldface, this sign shows years of exposure to wild mountain weather and icy windstorms. View auction >>

Dry River Cut-Off - This sign directed many adventurous hikers off the beaten paths of the southern Presidentials into the heart of the Dry River Wilderness. View auction >>

Goose Eye Trail - This sign from the Goose Eye Trail tells the story of the wild Mahoosuc region, stained with spruce sap and scarred by the teeth of a black bear. View auction >>

Hancock Loop Trail - Standing 4,319 feet above sea level on the summit of South Hancock, this sign directed hikers to North Hancock along the Hancock Loop Trail. View auction >>

Notch Trail - This sign stood at the trailhead of the Notch Trail, a gem of a soft path amid the rugged Mahoosuc trails, which rises gently to meet the Appalachian Trail at the southern gate of Mahoosuc Notch. View auction >>

Whitehouse Trail - Located at a major trail hub, this sign has guided thousands of hikers from the Flume Visitor Center to the Cascade Brook and Liberty Spring Trails. View auction >>