Massachusetts Residents: Your Comments Needed on Proposed Forest and Parks Designations

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) manages over 308,000 acres of land across the Commonwealth. DCR is proposing to create new designations for its forests and parks, and to manage them as a combination of Woodlands, Parklands, and Reserves. DCR is seeking public input on the new designations and management recommendations.
DCR’s goal in adopting this new landscape planning model is to improve protection of ecosystem services while providing for public access, recreation, and forest management.

AMC has long supported a science-based approach to land management, and we support this effort. DCR is the largest land manager in Massachusetts, and their management approach will significantly affect the state's landscape and recreational opportunities. AMC volunteers have spent years fixing trails and carrying out other work on DCR properties, and chapters have led countless trips to DCR forests and parks. We urge you to comment on this proposal.

TAKE ACTION: DCR is actively seeking comments on these new landscape management guidelines, and they will accept comments until January 21st . Please go to the DCR website to read the draft and send your comments and to review related documents. Keep in mind that your input is valuable and greatly appreciated.

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