Photos: Scenes from Gorman Chairback

It's opening day for AMC's Gorman Chairback Lodge & Cabins! We're proud to say it's the 1st LEED-registered sporting camp lodge in Maine—PLUS one of only a handful of LEED-registered backcountry facilities in the nation. Come visit!

A few shots of the new lodge & green technology...

Now open! Gorman Chairback Lodge & Cabins. Photo by Gary Dethlefsen.

Solar panels provide power. Other environmentally sensitive features include double-glazed, argon-filled windows, extensive insulation, radiant heat in floors, and use of a biomass heating system. Photo by Gary Dethlefsen.

Inside the new LEED-registered Gorman Chairback Lodge. Photo by Gary Dethlefsen.

Gorman Chairback Lodge dining room awaits hungry guests. Photo by Gary Dethlefsen.