Does Maine Need Three Million Acres Developed?

Speak Up to Protect Maine's Environment!

Just two weeks ago, Governor LePage announced his agenda for regulatory reform in Maine, which focused almost exclusively on rolling back environmental regulations. Over the past thirty years, Maine has worked hard to create common-sense environmental regulations with bipartisan support. Unfortunately, this package is a broad array of rollbacks on many of these important environmental protections.

Specifically, the AMC is most concerned about the threats to Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) and the north woods. LURC was created by the Maine legislature in 1971 to serve as the planning authority over Maine's unorganized territory. First, Governor LePage has proposed that at least 30% of the LURC jurisdiction be zoned for development. This would open three million acres of Maine's north woods for development - an area the size of Connecticut. Second, a bill has been introduced to dissolve LURC, leaving planning to counties. County governments are already financially burdened, and do not currently have the capacity to handle this role.


Maine residents: we need you to call your state senators and representatives! Ask them to oppose Governor LePage's regulatory reform. Maine cannot afford to roll back years of sound environmental regulations. Maine's clean air, water, and land are a critical part of our economy and way of life.

Find contact information for your state representatives and senators here >>

Bryan Wentzell
Maine Policy Director
Appalachian Mountain Club

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