Photos from AMC's Annual Meeting

AMC's 135th Annual Meeting took place this past Saturday, January 29th, in Norwood, MA. Check out some of our favorite shots from the event:

Volunteer Leadership Award recipient John Crist is greeted by Laurie Gabriel, Chair, AMC Board of Directors, and Andy Falender, AMC President. Photo by Jeff Langevin.

Scott Monroe receives the Volunteer Leadership Award from Regional Directors Dale Geslien and Chris Rapacki. Photo by Jeff Langevin.

AMC honored retiring Chapter Chairs Tom Eagan (Narragansett), William Weber (Washington, DC), and Wally Herrod (Mohawk Hudson). Photo by Jeff Langevin.

Volunteer Leadership Award recipients, from left: Joan Aichele, Scott Monroe, Michael O'Connor, Scott Taylor, John Crist. Winners joined by Laurie Gabriel, Chair, AMC Board of Directors. Photo by Jeff Langevin.

Keynote speaker Dr. Char Miller addresses the crowd about The Weeks Act, which marks its centennial in 2011. Photo by Megan Begley.

Laurie Gabriel addresses the audience. Photo by Megan Begley.

AMC honored former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his lifetime dedication to land conservation and stewardship of New Hampshire's natural resources throughout his career. Pictured here: Walter Graff, AMC Senior Vice President; Laurie Gabriel; Senator Gregg; Andy Falender. Photo by Megan Begley.