No More Cuts to LWCF: Tell Congress to Keep Our Parks Open!

The U.S. Congress is now making decisions that may endanger the future of our state and local parks, trails and other public lands. As part of their effort to pass a spending bill to "keep the government open," Congress has proposed huge cuts that would remove $6 billion from federal programs. These cuts will devastate programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which is essential to protecting our parks, rivers, trails, and forests.

The passage of this measure cuts LWCF by 16% from 2010 levels and almost 36% from the President's 2011 budget proposal.

In AMC’s region, these cuts would imperil efforts to protect areas such as:
Many willing landowners are well along in the process of selling their land or easements — reversing these plans can upend the process and is not fair to these landowners.

Help ensure that our parks, rivers, trails, and forests are protected and stay open by contacting your federal representatives today!

TAKE ACTION: Between now and April 8, it is expected that additional cuts to existing programs will be under consideration. Now is a crucial time to make your message be heard by sending an e-mail: NO MORE CUTS TO LWCF!

Email your federal representatives here >>

More on LWCF: Established in 1964, the LWCF dedicates a portion of revenues from offshore oil and gas development for land conservation and outdoor recreation throughout the country. LWCF was authorized to receive $900 million per year — a small percentage of offshore oil drilling revenues that typically tally over $6 billion — but Congress has regularly diverted funding away from its intended purpose.

For more information about LWCF, click here (PDF). For a complete list of FY2011 land protection projects AMC supports, click here.

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