CT Residents: Keep CT Municipal Lands Open and Free!

Connecticut House Bill 6557, titled an "Act Concerning Liability for Recreational Use of Lands," is designed to give town parks, forests, and watershed lands the same protection from lawsuits brought by users that state-owned land and private landowners currently enjoy. Without this protection, CT towns may have to close or seriously limit access to their public lands. Without a vote by April 15, this bill will die.

To keep this bill alive, contact your State Representatives and Senator and tell them that you want this bill to pass as written!

For more information, check out the Connecticut Woodlands site >>

Take Action: Contact your State Legislators and tell them to pass HB 6557 as written to protect towns from lawsuits that could limit or end public access in the future. Find your legislator’s contact information here >>

Key points regarding HB 6557:

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