White Mtn. Hiking Advisory: Cascade Brook Bridge Washed Out

AMC Trails staff confirmed yesterday, April 13, that the bridge on the Cascade Brook Trail (also the AT) over Cascade Brook has washed out. Spring flooding and ice destroyed the bridge and carried debris well down the brook, leaving only the abutments behind. This debris will be cleaned up as soon as the AMC's trail crew schedule and water levels allow.

The bridge was located 1.5 mile up from the Whitehouse Trail, near the Franconia Notch parkway (Rt. 93).

Hikers should note that this crossing is difficult and dangerous in high water. Alternate routes should be considered, particularly during times of high water.

The bridge was a 50-foot fiberglass composite truss bridge built by the AMC on Forest Service land in 2005. It is unknown when the bridge will be replaced, though plans to reconstruct it are being evaluated.

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