NH Residents: Tell NH Senators to Support a Strong RGGI Program

Please help AMC preserve the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), an important NH clean energy program, by thanking your State Senator for not repealing RGGI, as was the intent of HB-519, passed by the House last month. Instead, urge your senator to retain the program's integrity and its core goals of reducing energy use and emissions, and fostering energy efficiency in our state.

Take Action: An opportunity to change course from last month's passage by the NH House of a bill to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) has emerged in the State Senate where consideration of amendments, rather than repeal, is underway. The NH RGGI program works in concert with 9 other states to reduce greenhouse gases in our region. It is crafted so that states can improve energy efficiency and reduce energy demand. It has been effective and beneficial to NH citizens and if amended must continue to reduce our state's energy use and foster efficiency measures.

Write your senator and ask them to support a strong NH RGGI program that retains these important features to ensure NH's clean energy future.

Ask your State Senator to support these key NH RGGI features:

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