Maine Fly Fishing Report

AMC staff in Maine are reporting great fishing conditions right now:

This past week has been another good one for fly fishing at AMC’s Maine Lodges. Over at Little Lyford Lodge, #1 and #2 Lyford Ponds are producing lots of fish ranging from 6” to two reported at #14 inches. Now, that is not bad for these little ponds! Watch for out for the attack loon, though; he has been stealing fish right off people’s flies. We guess he has figured it is easier for the humans to catch the fish, so he spends most of his time following the canoes around.

A report from the remote ponds - Baker, Mountain View, and the Pearls - says that the fishing was marvelous. A relatively new fly fisherwoman was very excited about all the action she saw.

Members from an Advanced Fly Fishing Workshop had an awesome time. The workshop was full at 10 people and all but one caught fish. Most were practicing the art of nymphing and fished the West Branch of the Pleasant River.

Long Pond in Bowdoin College Grant West Township is really the best-kept secret inside the North Maine Woods Katahdin Iron Works Land. This relatively small pond, which is just about 3 miles long, has Brook Trout, Togue, and Landlock Salmon. Because it is broken into three parts by a narrows in the middle, it is an excellent pond for canoeing when bad weather kicks up.

Next week is the Women’s Only Fly Fishing Workshop; a chance for the women to get together and practice casting without the pressure from their well-meaning menfolk. Without a doubt this will be a good time.

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