NJ Residents: Support Clean Energy - Keep New Jersey in RGGI!

NJ Residents: Join us to speak out in support of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), an important NJ clean energy program. RGGI is a successful, market-driven, emission reduction program that reduces energy use and fosters energy efficiency in our state. Governor Chris Christie recently announced his intention to pull New Jersey out of this carbon reduction program by the end of the year.

On Monday, June 20th, AMC members are invited to join business leaders and residents in Trenton for a rally on the Statehouse steps at 11:45am to show support for RGGI and clean energy. Clean and efficient energy generation means less air pollution, and dirty air is a significant health concern for those who recreate outside.

Some of the successes achieved in New Jersey through the RGGI program include: creating or saving over 18,000 jobs; growing the economy of the region by more than $2.3 billion; helping New Jersey businesses generate over 167,000 megawatt hours of clean energy per year – equal to the amount of energy consumed by 19,600 households per year; and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 84,000 metric tons. To learn more about how RGGI has helped ensure clean air and a healthy environment for the Garden State and the region, click here.

The average New Jersey resident using $100/month worth of energy pays about 42 cents more on their bill because of RGGI.

Take Action: Attend the Rally on June 20th: If you are interested in attending the Statehouse rally on June 20th, email Mark Zakutansky or call 610-868-6915. If you are available before and after the rally, we will be meeting with State Legislators to discuss the need for and value of keeping New Jersey in the RGGI program.

Email Governor Chris Christie: If you cannot attend the rally on June 20th and want to take action today, email Governor Chris Christie to express your support for keeping New Jersey in the RGGI program. To customize and send a letter, click here.

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