Take a Stand for Your Land, Water and Trails

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is facing unprecedented cuts in the budget bill now moving through the House of Representatives.

Headed to the House Floor next week, the Interior Appropriations bill would cut LWCF funding down to $61 million from its authorized level of $900 million a year — an 80 % cut from this year's level and lower than any other year in the program's 45-year history.

This program does not use taxpayer dollars as LWCF funds are authorized by law from dedicated funding from offshore oil and gas leasing revenues from public resources. These funds should be used for what they were intended — to protect America's natural treasures.

Cuts to LWCF mean almost no money to purchase land or easements from willing sellers that will add protection to our national wildlife refuges, national scenic trails, parks, forests, trails, wild and scenic rivers, and other federal lands; reduce funding to maintain working forests and ranches; and nearly eliminate funding for grants to state and local parks, open space and recreation facilities.

All across the country ready-to-go projects will have to be put on hold indefinitely, if not lost forever
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Take Action:
Act now: Ask your U.S. Representative to oppose cuts to LWCF when the Interior Appropriations bill comes to the House Floor for a vote. Also ask to vote against any harmful amendments that further cut or eliminate the LWCF or Highlands Conservation Act funding.

Please tell your Representative to voice support for restoring LWCF funding because it is important to your state and comes from dedicated oil and gas leasing revenues, not taxpayer dollars.

Locate your U.S. Representative's phone number and call today!

You can also follow your Representative on Twitter and Facebook and share your thoughts through a tweet or facebook post.

Sample Tweet: Stand up for our Land, Water and Trails — Restore Land and Water Conservation Funding in the FY12 Approps Bill.

Sample Facebook Post: As Congress takes up the FY12 Interior Appropriations bill I urge you to stand up for our Land, Water and Trails — Restore Land and Water Conservation Funding. This will protects parks, trails, river and other amazing places across the nation.

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