Land for Maine's Future is Out of Money

In July, the Land for Maine's Future (LMF) Board committed all remaining conservation, recreation and farm dollars from the 2010 bond package. Now, there is no more money available for future projects or for the fifteen projects that received zero dollars during this last round.

For more than two decades, LMF has benefited the state's long-term economic health by conserving such key assets as working farms, forests, and waterfronts, as well as significant tourism and recreation sites all across Maine.

Despite many efforts over the past legislative season, no bond package was formulated. Next year, the Legislature will again consider whether to approve a bond package. It's essential to future land conservation efforts to have a bond package that includes substantial funding for LMF.

Maine Residents: Take Action!
With the session over, now is a great time to contact your legislators and invite them for a walk at a local LMF funded property. View a map of these projects >>
If you can’t take a walk, please call or e-mail your legislators. You can let them know:

The Land for Maine’s Future program has an outstanding record of success in protecting Maine’s natural legacy.

Land for Maine's Future program has a history of broad, bi-partisan support.

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