You Can Play a Positive Role in the Ozone Law Suit

Monday August 8th, 2011 Earthjustice filed a motion on behalf of American Lung Association, AMC, and others asking the court to move that the Environmental Protection Agency finish what they started and immediately issue a decision on their re-consideration of the 2008 national ozone standards. The Obama Administration chose to review the 2008 decision recognizing that they did not fully protect human health nor do they adhere to scientific recommendations provided.

Earthjustice and the parties involved in Monday’s legal motion had brought a law suit against EPA in 2008 with similar concerns but agreed to hold off when the Obama EPA moved to re-consider. However, there is no legal action in sight as the process has been delayed multiple times, with July 29th being number four. EPA holds the ultimate legal authority to act in issuing the final ozone rule and needs to come to a resolution on the re-consideration of the national ozone standards. Read more >>

The White House can help expedite the final steps in the process. AMC has been asking President Obama to speak up for clean air and support the most protective standard being considered. If you have not yet had a chance, join the many recreationist voices on the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s Facebook page, or consider posting a tweet using our samples below.

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Sample Facebook Post: Mr. President - As a recreationist I urge you to support strong ozone standards. I value getting outside to recreate, especially in the summer, but when ozone pollution is too high the EPA recommends that people like me limit outdoor exercise. Please support the most protective ozone standards being considered so that I can stay healthy and enjoy getting outdoors.

Sample Tweet: Please support strong new ozone standards and protect healthy #outdoors recreation @BarackObama.