Petition the White House to Support the Outdoors

Now is the time to speak up for protecting the land, water and trails you love. Given the uncertainty of the federal budget situation, we need to make sure that the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which is funded through oil and gas drilling revenues, not taxpayer dollars, remains intact. LWCF is the most important source of funds for protecting outdoor recreation areas like the New England National Scenic Trail, the White Mountain National Forest, the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, and the Highlands of PA, NJ, CT and NY.

Now there is a new way to show support for LWCF and the outdoor places it helps to protect. The White House has created “We the People,” a new online feature to petition the White House for action. Please sign the LWCF petition and ask the White House to act to ensure full, dedicated, and permanent funding for LWCF. The goal is to get 25,000 individual signatures by December 16, 2011. This is very doable if we all take a few minutes and get friends and family to act NOW!

Through the LWCF, up to $900 million of the $6 billion in annual revenue from offshore oil and gas drilling leases is supposed to be spent on protecting America's special places, creating state and local parks, and conserving working forest lands. Unfortunately, LWCF funds have been increasingly diverted from their intended uses.

Take Action: Sign the petition and forward this to your friends (anyone over 13 years old can sign).
1. Go to the petition on the We the People site.
2. Scroll down and click on “Create an Account” and fill in the form.
3. Follow directions and you’ll receive a confirmation email.
4. Go back to the web page and sign the petition.

Read more about the places your action will help protect >>

That’s it! And thanks.

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