Will Sunday Recreation Change in PA?

Pennsylvania has a long tradition of promoting outdoor recreation, including hiking, paddling and hunting. Since 1873, Pennsylvania has limited hunting to Monday through Saturday, creating a tradition supportive of all outdoor recreation pursuits. That may change though, as the state legislature is now considering a bill that would amend Chapter 34 of the Pennsylvania code and allow the Game Commission to extend hunting to Sundays.

The current arrangement allows all recreationists to enjoy Pennsylvania’s public lands year-round. Changing this approach may discourage many people across Pennsylvania from exploring our cherished outdoor spaces during game season. As many state legislators are on the fence as to whether or not they should support changing the 138-year old restriction on Sunday hunting, now is the time to weigh in.

Take Action: The bill, HB 1760, is currently in the Game and Fisheries Committee, but could move out of committee at any time. Call your state Senator and Representative to express your views on changing Pennsylvania’s 138-year old tradition and allow hunting on Sundays.

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