NH Residents: Tell Congress to Support the Androscoggin Headwaters

Congress is currently making decisions on the 2012 budget for national conservation programs, which includes funding for the Androscoggin Headwaters protection project in and around Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge in northern New Hampshire.

The 31,300-acre Androscoggin Headwaters property is one of the largest unprotected ownerships remaining in New Hampshire. Funding this year will help the US Fish & Wildlife Service purchase 4,532 acres within the Refuge, and permit the State of New Hampshire to acquire a permanent working forest conservation easement over an adjacent 12,627 acres of commercial timberland.

Protection of this property will help to diversify and balance northern New Hampshire’s tourism and timber economies, which are based on the enjoyment and careful management of our abundant natural resources.

The project will also ensure permanent public access for hiking, birding, fishing, and other traditional recreation activities.

Take Action
NH Residents: write a letter to Senators Shaheen and Ayotte and Representative Bass. It’s simple and easy, and your voice counts to support New Hampshire’s outdoor heritage.

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