Help Keep NJ in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

In three years, New Jersey generated nearly $52 million for clean energy projects by participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). For outdoor places and people who enjoy them, cleaner energy means less air pollution impacting natural areas and our lungs.

Yet New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to pull out of RGGI despite its many benefits to our health and the outdoors.

Please help keep New Jersey on a course for cleaner air by contacting your state legislators and urging them to keep New Jersey in RGGI.

RGGI is an important and effective 10-state initiative to reduce carbon pollution from power plants in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. It has also generated more than $778 million for clean energy investments throughout the region. In New Jersey alone nearly $30 Million in RGGI funds has been spent for zero-interest loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Pulling out of RGGI would end this funding in NJ and undermine state and regional progress toward cleaner air.

Please email your legislators today.

Learn more about RGGI >>

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