Little Lyford and Gorman Chairback are Open!

Little Lyford and Gorman Chairback Lodges are both open as of Thursday, January 19th! Skiing is currently limited to the roads*, where snow conditions are good: 2” packed powder on top of a 3” hard pack base. All backcountry ski trails are currently closed pending additional snowfall. Hiking is encouraged at both locations with traction or snowshoes.

Distances for skiing on the roads:
Winter Parking Lot to Gorman Chairback Lodge: 13.7km (8.5 miles)
Winter Parking Lot to Little Lyford Lodge: 9.8km (6.1 miles)
Little Lyford to Gorman Chairback: 12km (7.5 miles)

* CAUTION: Portions of the road into the lodges are a shared XC Ski and ITS Snowmobile trail. Expect to encounter snowmobilers traveling at high speeds, particularly on weekends. In order to ensure your safety, please ski on one side of the trail in a single file line and remember that you will hear/see a snowmobiler before they see you. Signage will be posted to remind both Snowmobilers and XC Skiers to share the trail and put safety first.

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