Tell Your Legislators to Protect Maine’s North Woods!

We continue to push back against efforts in the Maine legislature to weaken the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), which oversees planning and development for Maine's 10 million-acre North Woods. While the legislature tried unsuccessfully to abolish LURC in their last legislative session, they instead created a study committee to review LURC. The committee’s report (PDF) has several bad provisions – one which allows county commissioners to appoint themselves as LURC Commissioners without legislative confirmation, and another that allows counties to “opt-out” of LURC. Both provisions undermine the effectiveness of LURC’s oversight of Maine’s North Woods.

The AMC strongly opposes these provisions but we need your HELP! Please contact your legislator TODAY and tell them that you want the North Woods protected against inappropriate development so that future generations can continue to hike, paddle, and recreate in this special part of Maine!

Take Action: Call or email your legislators and ask them to protect the North Woods from poorly planned development by opposing efforts to weaken LURC. The legislature should retain the ability to confirm new LURC commissioners, and counties should not be able to opt-out from LURC’s jurisdiction. Tell them that you really care about Maine’s North Woods and want to see that it remains intact for wildlife, sustainable forestry, and recreation – not carved up by piecemeal development.

For more information, contact AMC’s Maine Policy Associate Lindsay Bourgoine at or (207)-899-0150.

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