Support Maine’s North Woods by Sharing Your Outdoor Experiences!

Have you ever paddled on the Allagash River, hiked along the Appalachian Trail in Maine, or explored AMC’s 66,000 acres in the 100-Mile Wilderness? If you have, you know Maine’s North Woods are an amazing place full of high peaks, raging rivers, and tons of moose and other wildlife.

The future of these lands is now at stake. We recently asked you to contact your legislator about changes proposed for the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), which oversees planning and development for Maine’s 10-million acre North Woods. Now we are now asking you to speak up at a public hearing about this issue on February 16!

Last week a bill was introduced that proposes changes to LURC, including many provisions that weaken its oversight capability and undermine its effectiveness. One provision allows county commissioners to appoint themselves as LURC Commissioners without legislative confirmation, and another allows counties to entirely “opt-out” of LURC.

We need your help! Please attend a public hearing on February 16 to support LURC’s role in protecting the many values of the North Woods. We need to send the message that poor planning and piecemeal development are unacceptable alternatives. Help ensure that future generations can hike, paddle, and recreate in this special part of Maine! Come and share your story.

Take Action: Come to Augusta and speak up for LURC on Thursday, February, 16! For talking points and more information contact AMC’s Maine Policy Associate Lindsay Bourgoine at or (207)-899-0150.

You can also call or email your legislators and ask them to protect the North Woods from poorly planned development by opposing efforts to weaken LURC.

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