We Don’t Want a Hazy Future!

Support clear skies and amazing views in our parks and public lands! Click here to tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to support a strong “Regional Haze” program and protect our health and the outdoors! A new report, Cleaning up the Haze: Protecting People and America’s Treasured Places, calls into question an EPA proposal that would allow nearly 150 coal-fired power plants units, in 28 eastern U.S. states, to avoid installing the best modern pollution controls.

We all should be able to enjoy outdoor spaces, especially our national parks and wilderness areas, and breathe clean air while taking in an incredible view. Haze pollution created by burning coal and other fossil fuels not only blocks scenic vistas, but also is comprised of the same particle pollution that is linked with respiratory illness and asthma, especially in children.

Take Action: Contact the EPA TODAY!

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