Stand up for Clean Air in NJ Today!

Last summer Governor Christie announced his intention to withdraw New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and as a result the state is no longer actively participating in the program. Please email your state senator TODAY and ask them to support SB1322, a bill that would affirm New Jersey’s commitment to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and to improved air quality.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - or RGGI – is a highly successful multi-state program that uses market-based approaches to reduce carbon emissions. By participating in RGGI, New Jersey helps clean up the air, and reduces the pollution-related health threats to people like you who recreate outdoors. Participating in RGGI also lowers New Jersey ratepayer’s energy bills, adds roughly $151 million dollars to our economy, and helps create 1,700 jobs. Because of Governor Christie’s action, New Jersey is now missing out on these benefits to our environment, our economy, and our health.

Please email your senator in support of clean air TODAY!

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