AMC Outdoors Wins Feature Writing Awards

AMC Outdoors has won two EXCEL Awards—a gold and a bronze—for outstanding feature writing from Association Media & Publishing (AMP). The awards are both in the category “Feature Article, circulation 50,001-100,000.”

Taking the gold was “My Daughter’s ‘Bad Uncle’: How an Adventurous Mom Starts Climbing Again” by frequent contributor Kristen Laine (May/June 2011). Winning the bronze was “Walking the Talk: AMC’s Ridgerunners Protect the Appalachian Trail, One Conversation at a Time,” by AMC Outdoors Senior Editor Marc Chalufour (July/August 2011).

“My Daughter’s ‘Bad Uncle’” focuses on one of AMC’s major priorities: getting kids outdoors. The author engages readers with a tale of reconnecting with her passion for rock climbing by sharing the experience with her daughter. In the process she has to face the fear involved in seeing her daughter take on the physical risks of the sport. With stories like this, we hope to inspire the families in our membership to overcome any barriers that are preventing them from enjoying outdoor recreation, and to get out and try new things.

“Walking the Talk” aims to inspire and educate readers with a first-hand, day-in-the-life story of AMC ridgerunners on the trail. The ridgerunners personify AMC’s priorities of education, conservation, and recreation by hiking the Appalachian Trail in western Massachusetts and Connecticut, talking with hikers, and sharing information about minimizing human impacts on the wilderness.