Staples Foundation Supports AMC's Local Wilderness Adventures

The AMC recently received a $15,000 grant from the Staples Foundation to support AMC’s Local Wilderness Adventures. This initiative, administered by AMC’s Youth Opportunities Program (YOP), will offer Boston area youth groups the chance to participate in hands-on outdoor experiences that take place in nearby wilderness settings. The Staples Foundation’s support will help YOP serve 1,100 at-risk Boston area youth who will participate in more than 100 local outdoor adventures.

“Through this project, we aim to help youth develop important life skills, such as communication, leadership, and self-respect, in an outdoor setting,” explained Stefanie Brochu, Director of Youth Opportunities Program. “We are grateful for the Staples Foundation grant, which will also help support expanded use of local wilderness destinations such as AMC’s Camp Ponkapoag in the Blue Hills Reservation.”

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