Time for Spring Cleaning...of the Air!

The Clean Air Act is a proven tool for improving water quality in mountain headwater streams, reducing the number of bad air day alerts in National Parks, and reducing haze that blocks views from our favorite peaks. The Act relies on science as the basis for “rule making” and helps advance our understanding of the causes and impacts of air pollution. It also promotes use of the latest and best technologies to clean up emissions from air pollution.

There are a number of actions being taken now to help reduce air toxins and carbon pollution from further harming our health and our environment. You can help ensure these and other important efforts to combat air pollution are successful.

Power Plant Emission Standards for toxins; AMC supports reductions in mercury and other contaminants that cause toxicity in air, water, and wildlife. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) was, after 21 years, put into place under the Clean Air Act this spring only to be attacked by Congressional members who are trying to stop the implementation of this important rule. You can join many other concerned moms, dads and citizens, by letting your member of Congress know that you support MATS and that they should let EPA do its job to clean up toxic air pollution!

Power Plant Carbon Standards; AMC supports curbing impacts from climate change by controlling carbon emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting environmentally balanced renewable energy. The science is clear that carbon pollution impacts to natural areas and systems are real and happening today. The EPA just proposed a rule that all new power plants meet carbon standards under the Clean Air Act. Stay tuned on how you can weigh in on this proposal by joining AMC’s Conservation Action Network and learn how to talk about climate change to your community.

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