WMNF Launching the Weeks Act Legacy Trail on April 18th

From our friends at the White Mountain National Forest:

The White Mountain National Forest will host an Open House on Wednesday, April 18 at White Mountain National Forest Headquarters, Exit 27, Campton, NH to announce the official launch of the Weeks Act Legacy Trail (WALT). The public is invited to join us from 2:30pm to 4:30 to learn about the WALT, tour the “green” facility and view several pieces of artwork created during the 2011 Weeks Act Centennial Celebration.

The WALT will provide visitors with the opportunity to take an actual or virtual history tour of the 40 sites along a 100-mile loop in the White Mountains region. The trail includes seven interpretive themes which can be accessed through personal electronic media – audio players, smart phones, and other electronic devices. The WALT was produced as part of the year-long Weeks Act Centennial Celebration and the sites along the tour have significance to the Weeks Act and the White Mountains.

The WALT was developed by Chris Proulx, of Outside TV along with US Forest Service employees and retirees, local historians and other organizational partners. At 3:00 pm Chris will present an overview of the WALT. Bring your electronic device to follow along if you wish.

You are also invited to view three artworks on display in the National Forest facility; a painting by James Kao, the first White Mountain National Forest Artist in Residence, a collaborative tapestry created by children and adults during the 2011 Weeks Act Centennial Festival, and a mural “Picturing the Forest” made by over 150 community members and visitors during the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire’s August 2011 “White Mountains Cultural Festival: Eight Days of Weeks”

For more information and to RSVP contact Colleen Mainville at cmainville@fs.fed.us or call 603.536.6243.

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