Massachusetts Endangered Species Under Threat – Please Call Today

Thank you for your calls last month in defense of endangered species protection in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the bill that would effectively eliminate endangered species protection, Senate Bill 1854, has continued to move forward and has been reported out favorably by the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee. We need your help TODAY to stop this damaging bill!

Massachusetts has 435 species of animals and plants that are at risk of extinction. This bill would place new and unworkable requirements on the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, would cause very long delays in reviewing projects, and would expose property owners to potential fines and other penalties due to the uncertainty the bill creates.

AMC and 72 environmental and sportsmen organizations strongly oppose the redraft of Senate Bill 1854. To learn more, read our joint letter which includes a bill summary and frequently asked questions.

Please call or email your state Senator and Representative TODAY and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 1854, β€œAn Act Relative to Land Takings.”

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