Northern Pass: Act Now to Protect your Favorite Views

Hundreds of members like you spoke up and told the Department of Energy that your favorite views are important. Thank you!

It’s clear that the beauty of places like the White Mountain National Forest is valuable to all of us. It’s part of what inspires us to travel a little farther from the everyday in search of outdoor adventure and what helps us appreciate our favorite outdoor spaces close to home.

Right now, the Department of Energy is gathering information in order to decide if the current plan for the Northern Pass transmission line is consistent with the public interest. It’s a big job and there are a lot of elements that will inform the final decision.

But, there’s one important factor that might not even be considered if people like us don’t speak up: the visual impact.

As proposed, Northern Pass would affect the views from 3,000 acres of land in the White Mountain National Forest alone. It would gravely change a landscape beloved by hikers and paddlers, skiers and stargazers, adults and kids – all part of the millions of people like you who visit every year.

Within a day of our last message on this topic, 500 people had spoken up about the views they love! And together, we can do even more. You and your fellow members can make sure that, as part of the permitting process, the DOE requires that there be a full, on-the-ground review of how Northern Pass will affect the iconic scenery of New Hampshire.

Please, sign the Appalachian Mountain Club’s petition to show how important the scenic views of the region are to you and to the public interest.

Thank you for standing up with AMC and speaking out for your public lands close to home and farther away.

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