Northern Pass: Your Favorite Views in New Hampshire are at Risk

Imagine your favorite White Mountains vista marred by the addition of 135-foot tall steel towers cutting into the landscape. Awful, isn’t it?

The Northern Pass transmission line would make that vision a reality. The proposed electric line would cut straight through the White Mountain National Forest and gouge a path for 1000+ enormous steel towers visible from all over the state, including points along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and iconic overlooks in the White Mountains.

To make matters worse, these unique resources are under attack from an energy project that is far from “green.” The hydropower project calls for diverting large rivers into enormous impoundments, destroying millions of acres of forest in the process.

The developers of this bad idea have failed over and over again to demonstrate that they appreciate the value of our natural resources.

They offered an initial visual impact analysis so cursory that AMC decided to take on the enormous task of performing one ourselves. They failed to prove that they explored alternatives routes or methods. And, they proposed a plan that would permanently and detrimentally impact lands that were set aside for public use – use by outdoor lovers like you.

Throughout the history of the White Mountain National Forest, people like you have stepped in and spoken up for the lands we love, protecting them from permanent degradation from projects like Northern Pass.

And between you, us, and the rest of AMC’s members, we can do that again. After all, that’s what AMC does best! We want to make sure that you know what’s at stake and to ask for your help putting a stop to this bad idea. You can do your part today to stand up for the public lands that are important to you. Take the first step. Ask the Department of Energy to include a complete visual impact analysis of Northern Pass in their forthcoming Environmental Impact Statement.

We’ll keep you posted as this process continues. As always, we’ll continue to work hard to protect the White Mountain National Forest and other public lands you love. Thank you so much for your support and your voice.

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