Air Will Be Cleaner For Many Urban Recreators

EPA cuts fine particle pollution that causes health and haze problems.

Today, December 14th, 2012, the EPA issued an improved air quality health standard for fine particles changing the annual average level from 15 to 12 micrograms per meter cubed. These small particles can penetrate deep into the lungs and heart causes significant health problems. This is of great concern to those who recreate as we breathe more rapidly and deeply. This same pollution can block scenic views as a hazy veil.

AMC has monitored this type of air pollutant in the White Mountains of NH because of these impacts to hiker health and mountain views and our work has shown that less fine particle pollution means clearer views and healthier air to breathe.

Consider thanking EPA for this advancement towards cleaner air with a tweet like the one shown below:

Thank you @EPAgov for cleaner air to recreate in!
My lungs, my kids, our future all thank you!

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