Support NY’s Environmental Protection Fund Today!

We need your help! AMC is calling on Governor Cuomo in New York to approve legislation that would increase funding for open space, trails, and drinking water protection by $56 million in the coming years. Call the Governor’s office today and urge him to show his love for New York by growing the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). For suggested talking points and the phone number to call, click here >>

New York’s EPF was once as high as $255 million, but is now down to $134 million. Through the EPF, New York is protecting open space and trails in the Highlands Region, as well as farms, forests, rivers, beaches, and lakes throughout the state; and supporting community parks, recycling programs, and zoos. A recent analysis by The Trust for Public Land found that for every $1 of EPF funds invested in land and water protection, $7 in economic benefits through natural goods and services is returned to the state of New York.

By moving a portion of revenues collected through bottle deposit receipts, New York’s EPF will be on a path of sustainable, long-term funding. Please voice your support by telling Governor Cuomo to increase the Environmental Protection Fund today! For more information, click here >>


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