AMC Releases Google Earth Application on Northeastern High Elevation Areas

AMC’s Research Department has developed a Google Earth application that presents information on high-elevation areas across the northeastern United States from the Catskills to Katahdin. The application provides the first broadly available map-based overview of the region’s mountain ecosystems. High elevation areas are a limited part of the northeastern landscape but provide critical habitat values and have an important role to play in allowing the region’s ecosystems to adapt to future climate change. The information is being developed to help guide future conservation of high-elevation areas across the region and to serve as an initial site screening tool for wind power development.

Clicking on this link will launch the Northeastern High Elevation Areas application in Google Earth. Note: In order for this application to launch you must have Google Earth installed on your computer. To download Google Earth, click here.

Click here to learn more about AMC's wind power research >>

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