Potent Global Warming Gas on the Rise

Methane emissions are a rising problem in the US and are projected to increase 4.5% by 2018 from domestic oil and gas operations. Hydro-fracking is a major source of methane emissions and a growing contributor to overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Low cost technologies that could directly address inefficient fracking systems and leaks from wells and pipelines have already been developed, but we need the Federal Government to act!

Reducing methane from the oil and gas industry is absolutely critical to meeting the President’s pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% by 2020.

While the EPA has taken some initial steps towards addressing methane emissions, they need to hear from you! Please ask the EPA and President Obama for specific methane regulations that reduce emissions and address climate change.

AMC is committed to protecting our public lands and our outdoor experiences. Your support helps us promote policies to reduce fossil fuel emissions and protect hiker health and alpine ecosystems. And you make it possible for us to address the threats to public lands posed by gas drilling, including closing exemptions for hydro-fracking from laws that protect the air we breathe and the waters we enjoy.

Don’t forget the cleanest energy is the energy not used and reducing your energy use will reduce the need for oil and gas development.



AMC works throughout the Northeast to protect the places you love. Learn more about natural gas development, the impacts it can have on public lands, and proposals AMC supports to more appropriately regulate drilling operations. Learn more >>

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