The Impact of Fracking on Public Lands

You’ve heard of fracking, but have you seen it, yet? For the last few months, AMC has been talking to you about the connection between energy needs and the places where we get out and have fun. Hydro-fracking – the natural gas drilling process – is an unfortunate and relevant demonstration of that connection.

AMC has been collecting stories from hikers, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts whose favorite escapes have been threatened or forever changed by gas drilling operations in the Marcellus Shale region in Pennsylvania.

Their stories illustrate the impacts fracking can have on public lands:
Each of these examples is from a State Park or Forest – public lands that belong to you.

AMC is committed to protecting our public lands and our outdoor experiences. Your support helps us promote policies to reduce fossil fuel emissions and protect hiker health and alpine ecosystems. And you make it possible for us to address the threats to public lands posed by gas drilling, including closing exemptions for hydro-fracking from laws that protect the air we breathe and the waters we enjoy.

The easiest way to take the next step is to stay informed and speak up. Please sign up for our Conservation Action Network to get updates from your region and learn how you can help.