Coalition Letter to New England Governors to review alternatives to new gas pipelines

A diverse coalition of over 100 conservation and public health organizations, businesses, and consumer groups have sent a letter to New England Governors raising concerns about proposals that would require ratepayers to fund new natural gas pipelines before considering alternatives that would be more consistent with land, water and air quality protection goals, avoid impacts to land protection investments that have already made and help consumers by making better use of existing infrastructure.

The letter calls on the Governors to prioritize energy resources that maintain state environmental requirements and protect natural resources, people, and public and private investments from the impacts of energy transmission and generation on sensitive lands, waters, and the public values they support. For example, approximately 250 miles of new pipeline in Massachusetts proposed by the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion project would cut through and disrupt thousands of acres of land that has been permanently set aside for its conservation values.

A key finding from a principal study commissioned by the New England states on solutions to winter electric price volatility finds that new energy infrastructure could be avoided entirely if energy efficiency, renewable heating, and distributed renewables keep power and gas demand low. But an approach using a combination of resources has not been evaluated.

Learn more about natural gas development’s impacts to public lands in AMC’s region, AMC’s energy policies, and some measures AMC supports to address the impacts of natural gas development on outdoor recreation and public lands.

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