National Action on Carbon Pollution!

President Obama announced today the first national plan to reduce carbon pollution from our nation’s largest emitters:  power plants.  The Administration says that the Clean Power Plan (CPP) will reduce power plant carbon emissions 32% by 2030.  The CPP is also expected to result in reductions of ozone and fine particle pollution which will improve conditions for healthy outdoor recreation.

More than 2,000 AMC supporters wrote to the EPA about these clean air protections when they were first proposed in a draft form almost a year ago, so thank you!  AMC’s science and policy staff are now reviewing the details of the final rule, which offers a number of flexible features available to each state and their power plants, including important clean energy incentives that will provide credit for early investments in energy efficiency.  Our early review indicates that the CCP has the potential to dramatically curb US greenhouse gas emissions as well as achieve healthier air across our nation, helping to fulfill the promise of the Clean Air Act passed over 40 years ago.

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