AMC responds to efforts to gut the Land and Water Conservation Fund

This week, efforts to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) came to a crossroads as Representative Rob Bishop (R-Utah), Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, proposed to dramatically revise LWCF and divert some of its funding to non-conservation programs. His proposal is expected to have a formal hearing in this committee on November 18.

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) has steadfastly supported reauthorizing and fully funding LWCF, our nation’s most important conservation program, which was allowed to expire on September 30 after 50 successful years.

AMC disagrees with Chairman Bishop’s draft legislation, as it would divert and repurpose LWCF funding from its intended conservation purposes, and severely restrict funding for National Trails, National Parks, National Forests, and other treasured places in need of protection.

AMC supports passage of H.R. 1814 to permanently reauthorize LWCF, which has bipartisan support from 195 Members of Congress.

In response to efforts to gut LWCF, AMC Vice President for Conservation, Susan Arnold, released the following statement:

“In spite of its 50-year track record of protecting special places across the U.S., Chairman Bishop is proposing to divert dedicated conservation funding from LWCF to oil and gas industry interests, while adding more rules and restrictions that will cripple the future of our nation’s most successful conservation program. LWCF should be reauthorized and fully funded, without reallocating its dedicated funding to non-conservation purposes and away from our National Trails, Parks, and Forests, and other iconic landscapes in need of protection.”

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AMC supporters can help by writing to your Representatives and Senators in support of reauthorizing and fully funding LWCF. Personalized letters about special places protected by LWCF that you love to visit will have the greatest impact. Explore this interactive map to see all of these places, ranging from Acadia National Park to the Appalachian Trail and Valley Forge National Historical Park.

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